Our Desert Camp

A Relaxing Camping Experince

Luxury Cottages

The Cottages are the perfect blend of ethnic setting and modern living as the cottages are fully equipped with urban amenities. These Cottages with rich ethnic designs are always ready to serve you the best so you can enjoy the beauty and simplicity of an idyllic lifestyle in great luxury. Cottages are ideal for the families stay, group and elder people who are looking for a home away from home offering extended-stay accommodation. The colorful standing and traditional Rajasthani theme mini-house is perfectly cozy and complete with all major amenities. Our guests’ travel worries slip away instantly in the quiet and comfort of these cottages.

Start From - 3000/-

Luxury Tent

Maharaja Camps at Desert Retreat has the most exquisite and comfortable tented accommodation in Sam. The whole day you can experience the exciting activities of the Sam and then relax at our Swiss tents which will take you the era of Arabian nights. Staying there gives a very different feel that you are really in different mesmerizing world. The Desert retreat camp Jaisalmer offers rustic and specious tents will all important amenities. Every tent has attached toilets (tiled & fabricated) with proper facilities like running hot and cold water, a sit out area, silenced generator, candles, lantern & Marshals are used for lighting to mention the serene atmosphere.

Start From - 2000/-

Premium Tent

During your stay at Premium Camps at Desert Retreat Camp, stay at one of the finest luxurious tented accommodations in the Thar of Rajasthan. The premium desert camp at Desert Retreat offers pure luxury at every level but retains the spirit of the culture of the Rajasthan. It is run exclusively by professional hotelier team who all originate from the area. The team are true professionals, and lots of fun, and know how to make everything run as seamlessly as possible in the desert. Service is relaxed and friendly.

Start From - 1500/-

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